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Dr. Greenfield's

Diabetic Footcream (5oz)

Diabetic Footcream (5oz)

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Diabetics have unique skincare needs; they have very vulnerable skin that needs proper diabetic care. Dry skin, particularly on the feet, becomes itchy, which causes scratching and soreness that can lead to infection through cracks in the skin. 

Jointly developed by a pharmaceutical chemist and a diabetic physician, Dr. Greenfield’s Diabetic Footcream helps reduce the risk of foot complications due to diabetes.

Dr. Greenfield's Diabetic Footcream contains humectants and emollients that moisturize, soften & soothe the skin and exfoliating agents to reduce calluses. The diabetic cream enriches skin by providing vitamins A, D, E and provitamin B5. The formula contains Tea Tree Oil to maintain a healthy skin environment. Specially formulated to provide a protective moisture barrier without clogging the pores of skin.

Non-greasy. Absorbs rapidly. Suitable for use on and between toes.


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